Twain Harte Branch 172 Information

As attendance requirements are essentially left to the individual Branch Rules (SIR Inc.Policy 25; Article 3, Bylaw 18); there is no overall attendance requirement.  The intention is not to encourage members not to attend. The intention is to have liberal rules to be flexible and to retain membership.

Ten consecutive non-attendance luncheons (call-ins and/or no-calls) will trigger a call from the Big Sir or designated member.  The purpose is to determine what is the situation of the member or if the member plans to continue membership.

The Fellowship Chairman is to follow-up on no calls, when practical, to note how long the situation will persist that keeps the member from coming to the luncheons or from calling in. Pertinent information will be transferred to the Membership Chairman.

The BEC may vote to waive Dues for certain members if requested or as the BEC deems appropriate.

The Branch will pay $12.00 once for a guest’s lunch if that guest is a potential member.  If the raffle has been resumed, two free tickets will be provided the guest.  There is a cap of 20 such guests ($240.00) in any calendar year.

Any subsidies considered for any special events will require a re-examination of the budget and a subsequent vote by the BEC to approve or not.